Description of work:  Kathrine Milner is drawn to the order and essence of nature. It is often this fascination and love that she paint from. Her mountain landscapes on wood reflect a love for allowing nature and simplicity to speak. She finds something fascinating in the beauty that can be found in the almost mundane and simple. These works can thus be seen as a tribute to the purity of nature, non-striving, and being.
Description of Kathrine Milner: "It may sound strange, but I have never really been interested in art. Art history has never meant much to me. Instead, I have a huge curiosity about existential questions and the relationship between science and spirituality. I am driven by enlightenment, love, and the need for a new worldview. I believe this drive manifests itself on all levels, whether it's through my paintings, my writing, or in conversations with other people." - Kathrine Milner
"It is especially my fascination and exploration of quantum physics and reality creation that is expressed when I paint. There is something here, a special feeling and a state of enlightenment, that I need to paint and that words cannot fully capture." - Kathrine Milner
In addition to painting, Kathrine work on opening up new levels of consciousness in others through coaching and programs.
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